Scaffolds on Hire

We have the solution for you in its wide range of scaffolding and ladders on hire. Whether you are working in standard conditions, confined quarters or around large amounts of high-voltage equipment, there is a scaffolding or ladder option for you. This is the range of scaffolding you will most likely be looking at if you are painting, roofing, rendering, laying bricks, etc. For lighter workloads, there is aluminium scaffolding, which is well suited to most construction, restoration and maintenance projects.

For jobs that require a lot of moving around or transporting, there are lightweight options that will make the going a bit easier. Aside from the aluminium scaffold towers, there is also Kwikscaf scaffolding, a favourite with contractors. We provides a safe, level work platform and packs down easily for transport. It is configured in such a way that it will clear obstacles on the ground, and can be used as a trolley or moveable workbench, to reach every part of the work site, office or home.
Syed Tayeb
Sales Manager
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